From The Nearby North

by Little Lion

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Little Lion is the solo project of musician and composer Rayna Edwards.

This album was made over the summer and fall of 2009. I used all free software and shared media in creating this album. I used no recording equipment beyond a microphone. All samples came from the public domain. There were no copyrights, studios, or labels involved. This album is free because all music should be free.


released October 31, 2009

thank you to the following people for their help in creating/inspiring this album: Aliza Simons (soul), Laura Simon (lyrics), Paul Edwards (sage advice), Emily Meyer (violin), Will Monson (sax), Oriana Korol (clarinet), Tim Gilman (vocals), Elissa Martel (cover art).





Little Lion

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Track Name: Sounds Form The Sea
I barely knew you
When I saw through you
My blue bells rang for red
Soft palettes in motion
I came to this notion
That I was right for your bed

Oh no
I just can't take a warning
Oh no
I feel it most in the morning

Form the Near North
By wind force
You drove so carefully
Flew by night
Only took flight
To know you are all that you are

Oh no
I just cant take a warning
Oh no
I feel it most in the morning
Oh no
Been a summer since I've seen you
Oh no
Don't you know that I need you?

I barely knew You
When I saw Through You
My blue bells rang For red
Soft palettes in motion
I came to this notion
That I was right for your bed
Track Name: Save A Tree! No Help Save Me!
Help, save a tree!
No, help save me!

Come here, come here.
there she goes.
Track Name: The Blue Fugates
Born blue
Its true
Family's all we got and it's
much more than you

Bold skin
white eyes
a dream come true for
eifel 65

Human needing
Strong feelings
No need for healing

Back in kentucky
We all got lucky
boys are brothers
and sisters are mothers
and things got mucky

with fame
we tame
the biology
of our family name
Track Name: Crabby Cheeks
I feel bony
no heat in my home
my skin is stony

as it makes me
mania cant seem to
tame me

throat tightened
heavy loads
just wont lighten

a close shave
eyes lock,
smile, and a loose wave
Track Name: Bad Breath Bobby
Funny bunny, sweetie pie,
Honey Bunch, you pack a punch
When you approach so does your lunch
It's on your teeth across your tongue
I am strong and I am young
But I can only stand so much

Bad Breath Bobby
We just can't be
Unless you somehow
Stop breathing on me!

You're so regal with such a face
Lips so lush they must be touched
But part them not, they're worse than mace
Disable my nose
Your stench is too much

I'm an honest girl but I still try
to reject the hurl for such a guy
Close your mouth
Talk with your eyes
That might just be how I prefer most guys

I need a boyfriend.
You need a girlfriend.
But we can't be friends.
Until that scent ends.
Track Name: Egg Fish Gift House
Romanticism across the ages
It grows and then
appears to those who have
greater prospects
but never to those who feel

looking out the window of the Egg Fish Gift House
Things have been hectic inside
But by my window I sit like a mouse
Watching the conquerers go by

I see that one pass by the way
she walks with her head up
something i could never sway
because when she looks down
things stop

The road is wide
The path unlit
And still what glimmers shines
conquering bit by bit,
she surely conquers my eyes
Track Name: A Much Better Tale (almost unplugged)
grab your sibling and play it yourself!

It was such a long time ago
When I left the young one's arms
Setting paths and setting stones
We were immune to remaining charms

Back into the young one's arms
We flew away from home
Caught a train to appalachia
Em D
Up the grandiose peak well go, up the peak well go

A Em
How the dry grass grows near you
We used and then accused
From our words we resurrect
A Em A
But its only for today and then we lose our way, we lose our way (our way)

I feel blue like the sky past the murky clouds
From the interstate we hoped
The kids know a better tale
But their tale is spoken soft,
spoken soft and low
spoken soft and low

(so you cant hear the story grow)

STRINGS// la la

A Em
Home is still far away
But car games pave the way
What's now is why I cannot stay
We know its just child's play

la la
Track Name: Projective Personality
Rummaging through the dominant fictions,
inspecting for just one.
On this rocky terrain we run
with a box-store appendage and gun

We snack on wonderbread while excavating the truth
amidst the grandiose burn
Of whales and stars and rusted cars
we thank you for what we learn

Limp-legged yet picturesque
we sail for the rise
or fall of what we do attest
to be right in front of our eyes

Let's visit the zoo and imagine we do
live in the lions den
We question, we entertain, we motion then to you